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Cream blush or powder blush? :)?

I prefer cream blush because it blends better and it gives you that sheer flush look.Cream blush or powder blush? :)?
Depends on the coverage and your skintype:

If you have oily/acne prone skin, avoid cream blush

If you have dry/flaky skin, avoid powder blush.

If you want a blendable, ';glowier'; finish, opt for cream blush

If you want a subtle, hint of color, opt for powder blush.

I use powder blush b/c of my oily complexion.Cream blush or powder blush? :)?
cream blush blends with your skin better than powder blush and you don't need a brush, your hands work fine.Also cream blush loooks natural and it gives you a better result.Its also easier to apply! (especially on the go) but there isnt anything wrong with powder blush...its just less easy to apply and blend...sometimes it looks a little faker.
The cream one blends in easier but I still love the powder one better
depends on ur skin type
Cream blush is better I think, because it's very easy to blend. Try the cream blush from Maybelline, it works best.
i like the cream blush better
Cream blush works a lot better.Powder blush is good if you're using it for a short amount of time but other than that it will wear off during the day.Try Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Cream Blush...It works,I sware!
powder stays on much better, no shine.

Cream or powder blush?

which do you use or like better? also, what would be best for combination skin? during the winter months my skin gets drier but during spring/summer it can get pretty oily.Cream or powder blush?
I like to use powder blush because my skin is similar to yours and it doesn't make me break out as much as the cream blush.Cream or powder blush?
powder tsay on longer.

Cream blush or powder blush?

which do u prefer?Cream blush or powder blush?
i havent tried cream, so im gonna go with powder! lolCream blush or powder blush?
Cream, it's easier to use and blend in. Plus it's best for dry skin which is what I have. Powder would just dry it out even more and it can look blotchy and tacky.
Powder. It's a little more versatile. Cream blush seems messier.
cream gives a more natural dewy look. powder makes you look like you have fuzz on your face
Young skin- powder

Mature skin- creme
powder blush
i prefer cream. it goes on smoother.

How do you apply cream blush?

I've started using cream blush instead of powder blush but I still haven't mastered how to do it. Can you give me a step by step instruction?How do you apply cream blush?
Take some blush with your fingertips, and apply it to your skin in a ';sweep'; motion. Like from your cheekbone, up to your temple in a straight line.

Then just blend it in with your fingers rubbing in little circles until it look even.How do you apply cream blush?
Start with the tiniest bit ever as you can always add but taking off the excess is harder!

I always use my middle finger, smile %26amp; apply in circles.

You just need to practice, good luck!
Yeah it's best to use your fingertips than a brush when it comes to cream blush.

Just take a bit with your fingertips and smile widely, go straight in the middle of the round bit of your cheek and from the middle point 'circle' outwards with your finger and blend all around. x
Wife uses little make up sponges.
1. Understand that cream blush is harder to use than powder blush. So practice getting it right before going out.

2.Put a small amount of the product on your fingertips.

3.Lightly press your fingertips over the apples of your cheeks and cheekbones, blending the blush very carefully until it's completely absorbed into the skin.

4.A second application may be necessary.

5.Tissue off any excess blush left on your fingers.


Choose a cream blush that is similar in color to your natural blushing hue.

It's better to build up blush color little by little than to try to correct an overload.

Gone overboard with the blush? Blending a bit of powder over the area tones things down.
smile apply to the apple of your cheek and blend lightly towards the edges of your face, without over doing it

start with a small amout and build up to the amount of colour that you need

good luck 8)

Cream blush?

When wearing a cream blush do you apply powder over or under it? Or no powder at all...?Cream blush?
You can apply powder over it to set it but this is strictly optional.

Cream blush applies more easily over bare skin or foundation. Applying it over powder can make it harder to blend.Cream blush?
I prefer putting moisturizing lotion with SPF of at least 15. then gently apply the cream blush. works perfectly. trust me.
I think its better if you apply no powdered blush at all but thats just me i have used dream matt mosse and not put any powder on it at all. Hope i helped got to go bye
If you use a translucent powder, you can apply that after putting on the cream blush. I don't recommend using a cream blush if you use a powder foundation though.

You can skip the powder all together though, nothing like clean skin in the summer. :)
  • dry hair
  • Creams to prevent or minimise facial blushing....?

    Hii im 16 and have suffered from facial blushing for a few years now..

    its really irritating and sometimes stops me from doing things on a day to day basis...

    Sometimes i'll just blush for no reason or blush at something which isnt even embarrasing.. i hate it so much! it pushes my confidence down even more.. (most of the time i am a confident person, but i know i'll blush at stupid situations so i tend to back out)

    Does anyone know of anything that i can use to help this?

    Thankss (: xCreams to prevent or minimise facial blushing....?
    OMG! You suffer from that, too?!?!!?? Thank the freakin' moon that I'm not the only one!!!! ^_^

    Anyways, I had the same problem, and I still do a little bit today. I can't tell you that there's a cream that you should use to reduce the amount of blushing that shows through, but I can suggest something else.

    If you drink soda, alcohol or even coffee, I would suggest that you stop. Ever since I gave up soda back in January (on my birthday, to be exact) I haven't been blushing as much as I used to, and it's not as noticable as it used to be.

    Also, soda, alcohol and coffee are the leading causes of acne on the face, back, and chest, so I would recommend drinking water or flavored water from now on.

    Trust me, the most embarassing time for me when my blushing was when I was in 9th grade, I had to give a presentation on a project about wolves, and my face just went bloodshot!!! It was horrible. I could feel my face burning up and knowing that everybody was watching just made it worse! ARGH! I'm glad that was over with!

    Anyways, try sticking with water or flavored water from now on and just wash your face with a warm, wet cloth every day. It'll keep your skin clean and smooth. Give it a shot! I was your age when I had those problems! I'm 20, now! You'll be fine! Trust me! It gets better from here on!

    If somebody asks you ';why are you so red?'; Just tell them ';I blush easily for no reason'; and they should understand. I used that line a lot, but I don't need to use it much anymore. Good luck! Hopefully it gets better!!!! ^_^Creams to prevent or minimise facial blushing....?
    Yeah, I hate that. The first time I met my boyfriend's family, I got a little nervous (even though i don't mind talking to random new people) and when my face got really red, his aunt said ';why are you so red'; and I was like ';I blush easily for no reason';.

    Hope it works for you! ^_^ Good luck! Report Abuse

    Blushing is beautiful please don't hide it.

    BUT if you have to, and no one ever believes me but you can get a green foundation (the green counteracts the redness)

    It really works, I had the same problem when I was younger.

    Good luck x

    Blushing all the time?? Any Face creams?

    I am constantly blushing and it has been happening for 4 years now. Whenever i have to give a speech or even when i am just talking to my friends. I was wondering if anyone knew or used and face cream that could help me..thanksBlushing all the time?? Any Face creams?
    Same here..

    *stars question*Blushing all the time?? Any Face creams?
    you may have this skin condition called rosacea

    look in to it, and check this website out to learn more about it and what to do.

    This happens to me as well and I recently found a night cream that, remarkably, does make a difference. It's called ';redness relief'; and its made by Eucerine. Personally I noticed the difference even the first morning I woke up after using it the night before.

    I hope this was helpful!